Dining Rooms are so often built around heirlooms, the possessions that have been passed down from generations, the spoons used to serve the cranberry sauce every November just as they have for decades before.

Dining Room Tray Design and Walnut Floors

But few are actually designed to enhance light. Sunny, hopeful, cherished, these are the words that describe the artistry that is the dining room at 4455 Fox Chase.

Dining Room to Entry

With spacious seating and a built-in tiled wall to display your precious pieces, the dining room is large enough for a 10 person table.

But with the added drama of the custom made floating tray halogen light fixture, it also creates the buzz of “am I seeing that right?” With multiple lighting settings on the whole house Control 4 Smart House, and “who knows what?” on the playlist, a private romantic evening is readily available at-home.