Entry & Office

Only one chance to make a first impression? Might as well make the most of it. 4455 Foxchase immediately showcases the combination of durable, purposed-construction with captivating style. Your first visage on a clear day is Pikes Peak towering above the forest. Above and below is the harmony of wood, stone, texture, sound, natural light and manufactured brilliance.



The foyer is subtle but arresting. A combination of color playfully mirrors between the glossy sheen of the walnut floors and 16″ tiles and the matte elegance of the door and sidelights.


Why not let the staircase be a vehicle of imaginative transportation? Right away, the serpentine stairwell to the lower level greets the visitor with an assortment of textures and materials, a showcase for both durability and vibrance.

Entry First Impression

Key benefits of the house are immediately communicated. A sense of privacy, character and individuation as you survey the setting.


Elegance without function is never the goal and the main level office provides ample evidence. Hardwood flooring, floor to ceiling bookshelves, built-in furnishings and fantastic natural light make the mundane everyday tasks all the more possible.